Dual monitor


The software for managing content projected on a secondary screen

InstaMonitr is a must-have professional software tool for managing the content of large-screen projections on business presentations, conferences, seminars, lectures, etc.

It can show on a large-screen, the contents of all or a part of the desktop, scrolling text, windows area, graphics from the clipboard, capture an image, and much more.
It has two graphics editors. A quick editor simply makes draws and highlights the content. With an advanced editor, you can draw arrows, rectangles, ellipse, add text, mark, swap colors, extract colors, rotate, flip the image, or apply 28 graphics filters. Also, you can show the content from the drawing tool to the second monitor.
As a second display, you can use a projector screen, a TV, or any other display with the option of connection to a computer.
It is useful in all other places where you need to manage a presentation from your computer.

Version: 15.0
License type: Trial

Projector software

Show the contents of the desktop

Manage projection

Swap Colors


Show a part of desktop

Big screen software

Control panel

Big screen software

Control panel.

Instamonitr Draw on desktop

Draw on desktop

InstaMonitr - Big screen software


Big screen software

Swap colors

InstaMonitr adjust image

Adjust image

InstaMonitr Slide show

Slide show

Scrolling text

Scrolling text

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