May 2023

Manage screen presentation

Enhances the standard Windows screen duplication or extension with a variety of new features and options. InstaMonitr is useful for anyone who needs to present information on a secondary screen, such as during business presentations, conferences, seminars, lectures, and more. It can be used by professionals, educators, students, and anyone who wants to make their presentations more engaging and interactive. The software is designed to be simple and effective, making it easy for anyone to use and benefit from its features.



  • Screen mirroring: mirror the desktop or a selected part of it on a secondary display
  • Window management: manage and arrange windows on the display.
  • Draw on screen: quick and advanced graphics editors for drawing, highlighting, and annotating content on the display. This feature simulates a glass over the primary desktop, allowing you to work under the "glass."
  • Draw: raster graphics editor, which allows the user to create and edit images. It is more complex than the Draw on screen
  • Slide show: display a set of images as a slide show on the second display.
  • Scrolling text: add scrolling text to the display for presentations and announcements.
  • Image capture: capture an image of the display.
  • Support for multiple displays: to use a projector screen, TV, or any other display with the option of connection to a computer as the secondary display.

InstaMonitr enhances the standard Windows screen duplication or extension with a variety of new features and options, making it the ultimate tool for managing large-screen projections. With InstaMonitr, you can easily display any part of your desktop, add scrolling text, manage windows, and display graphics from your clipboard. The software comes equipped with two graphic editors. Whether you're presenting at a business meeting, conference, seminar, or lecture, InstaMonitr is the perfect tool to manage your content and make it more engaging and interactive for your audience.
Software is designed to manage and project the contents of your computer screen onto a secondary screen, such as a projector screen, TV, or any other display.
InstaMonitor provides a free trial of all its features for 21 days. After the trial period, some features become unavailable unless the user decides to purchase a license. Despite the limited features, InstaMonitor remains a useful and effective solution for managing and projecting content on a secondary screen.

Where to use InstaMonitr ?

  • Point of sale
    . . . can be used at points of sale in several ways. For example, it can be used to display product information or promotional content on a secondary monitor while the main point of sale system is being used on the primary monitor. The display can be set to show a specific part of the desktop or a specific window. The display can also be overlaid with annotations or drawings, making it a useful tool for visual presentations. Additionally, InstaMonitr can be used to display scrolling text or run a slideshow, making it an effective way to engage customers and increase brand awareness.
  • Lectures
    . . . in lectures as a tool for projecting the presenter's computer screen onto a larger display or monitor. This allows the audience to view the content being presented more easily, especially if the presenter needs to show complex information or data, such as spreadsheets or graphs. The app's ability to mirror only a selected part of the desktop or an area of a specific window can also be useful in keeping the focus on specific parts of the screen during the lecture. Additionally, the app's feature to draw over other windows can be used by the presenter to highlight or annotate information during the lecture
  • Business meetings
    . . . by projecting the screen of a laptop or desktop computer onto a larger display, such as a projector screen or TV. This allows for presentations and other business materials to be easily viewed by a larger audience. Additionally, the app's ability to display only a selected portion of the desktop or a specific window can help to keep attention focused on the most important information. The feature to draw over other windows can also be useful for highlighting or annotating important points during meetings.

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