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Mr. Marx attempts to hit to the *pissoar. For each attempt, he must select the power and angle. There is also an obstacle between Mr. Marx and the pissoar. He must therefore throw over or under the obstacle. Each successful attempt awards two stars, whereas each failed attempt deducts one star. Mr. Marx has four stars at the start of the game. Once he collects ten stars, the game is completed.

Power and angle are determined by pressing the left mouse button and moving the pointer in the direction of the throw. The force of the throw is displayed on a screen. Once we let go of the mouse button, Marx throws the piss towards the pissoar.

*pissoar (Swedish)=urinal

Sundance web browser


Sundance  is a simple and fast web browser special designed for a complex web search. Its features include Lookup domain, Breaking news, One-Click WebPage Translation, very clean user interface, without address bar, floating navigation bar, redirect, RSS scrolling, transparent forms, quick web search, quick menu, WYSIWYG page designer, changeable user agent string...

Door control


When using the computer on a daily basis, we often have to open and close the DVD drive door. However, this can be a bit of a hassle if the computer case is be under the table or if we have a laptop with the awkward side DVD drive door.   

The Door Control software will help you resolve these issues. The software shows the button for opening and closing the DVD drive door in the system menu. A single click will open or close the DVD drive door. You may also assign a hotkey for this function. In comparison with similar software, Door Control uses a special algorithm to recognise whether the doors are open or closed. A single click is enough to open or close the DVD drive door.

The user may customise the colour of the button, assign a hotkey and launch the software at system start-up. The Door Control software is very small and uses a very small amount of RAM for its operation.



... is a shooting game. During the game you have to shoot down enemy targets. You have limited time to complete each position. The game consists of seven stages, each of which lasts from 15 to 55 seconds. You can go with the classic or realistic targets (friendly or hostile ones). The game takes place in an imaginary environment. With each successful hit the targets start to appear more rapidly. After you hit a friendly target, you will lose a certain amount of points and you will have to repeat the stage

Surely you've came across a shooting game where you wanted to replace the existing target with the one you could create by yourself. The attached programme Targetmaker allows you to simply draw a target or create one using any existing image.

Attention: the use of human targets is highly inappropriate!

The programme offers you a wide array of options. You can save the target along with the data about the author, specify the desired licence type, and decide whether you want to create a friendly target or a hostile one. You can also divide targets into various categories, and much, much more. Depending on the licence, the target(s) can be free of charge or shared in lieu of payment.

Double Magic Mirror


In the game, colored circles have been mirrored twice. First horizontally and then vertically. When they were mirrored they also lost their color.

Your task is to find the correct circles and define their color. For each square that is colored correctly you receive 10 points. There are also some hidden magical squares that bring 30 points.

The game comprises 7 levels. If you miss the color of a circle 3 times, you have to repeat the level. The levels differ in terms of time available for solving the problem and the number of circles.

The game is not too demanding. All it takes is concentration.

The game is free for playing and there are no limitations. You have 3 lives to complete each level.

You can buy the game with five additional lives..


            New !
7CAPS 3.0 

... is a very small application that aims to notify you in real time whether the status of the Num Lock or Caps Lock keys changes.